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Scanning Services

A range of specialised scanning services

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  • Create your own piece of art
    Gather your memorabilia, special items and spread them over a 1.2 x 1.8m board to create your own piece of art. ..
  • Scanning - Arch / Eng Drawings and Maps up to 2xA0 size
    Scanning of : - CAD Drawings - Maps - Archive Maps ..
  • Scanning - Books and Conversion to e-books
    Books are scanned in a combination of Planetary Scanners with L/R cradles or V Cradles depending on the nature of book binds. Final books available as: - pdf/pdf-A - Tiff - Pdf/PDF-A with OCR - Pdf/PDF-A with Bookmarking - METS/ALTO output for library presentation systems ..
  • Scanning - Books Bound up to 2xA0 Size
  • Scanning - Books Large up to 1.2m x 1.8m
    Scanned on the Cruse overhead scanner. Book thickness can be up to 15cm. ..
  • Scanning - Ceramics / Textiles / Wood for ReproDecor reproductions
    Scanned on the Crust ST VR the digital images show textural details for subsequent reproduction into - Custom Wallpaper - Reproduction of ceramic tiles - Reproduction of wood laminates   ..
  • Scanning - Fine Art
    Scanning of Fine Art (framed or unframed) using the Cruse Fine Art Scanner ST-VR. These scanners are used in major Art Museums and Archives around the world. High resolution scans with incredible pick up of fine detail including brush strokes which give that 3D effect. Scan size of 1.2m x 1.8m. Larger images can be scanned in segments and digitally combined. Our clients include artists who have been awarded the Cultural Medalion. Bringing Art to the People.pdf   ..
  • Scanning - Memorabilia / Photo Collages and Hobby Craft
    We scan your treasured memories contained in your photo albums. How about preserving those precious hobby craft originals produced by your loved ones? Large Photo collages painsfully put together can be digitally preserved and reproduced for distribution. ..
  • Scanning - Newspapers
    Scanned using overhead Planetary scanners or high resolution FlatBed Scanners. ..