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Archive Scanners

Archive Scanners
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  • Cruse ST VR Fine Art Scanners
    The fine art scanner of choice of museums, archivists, art galleries and users who demand an image quality that comes closest to the original...including 3D details. Cruse ST VR Catalogue CRUSE Scanners v Camera Shoot Bringing Art to the People of Singapore  ..
  • Bookeye 4-V1A C35/50 A1 size Thick Book and Newspaper Scanners
    The ultimate Archive Scanner...scans books up to 35mm and even 50mm thick Scan in: - 120 degrees V-Cradle mode and preserve the book spine - Flat mode for maps etc. - L/R Book Cradle mode and with a glass plate with movable height of 35cm or 50cm No book, newspaper, map, archive material will be a challenge to this most innovative scanner.   Video of BE4-V1 A1 Cat: Bookeye4-V1A-C35/50 A1 size scanners catalogue   ..