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Wide Format Scanners

Wide Format Scanners

Our wide format scanner range cover users needs for multiple applications:

  • - Low volume scan on demand applications.
  • - Low-Mid volume scanning needs for the occasional production runs
  • - Scanners for MFP solutions to be combined with your HP, Canon, Epson and OCE printers for that perfect copy
  • - High volume production scanning with robust scanners powered with fastest scan speeds and supported by the Batch Scan Wizard production scanning software.


Walk-Up Scanning with Widetek

  • No Computer Needed
  • Users can control  the scanner via the on-board 7" touch control panel or via an ergonomically mounted 21" touch screen monitor with a fully configurable user interface.




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  • Widetek 36CL / Widetek 48CL CIS Technology Scanners
    The Widetek 36CL (36") and Widetek 48CL (48") are the perfect scanner for low/mid volume CAD/GIS applications. Run them as stand-alone scanners without computers or combine them with a computer installed with the production scanning Batch Scan Wizard software for production scanning. For stand-alone applications, users can control the scanner via the conveniently located on-board 7" touch panel or a 21" touch screen monitor ergonomically attached to the scanner stand.   (Click here for Widetek36CL Catalogue) (Click here for Widetek 48CL Catalogue) ..
  • Widetek 36-600 / Widetek 44-600 and Widetek 48-600 Robust CCD Technology Scanners
    Impeccable scan quality and colour fidelity combined with robust body and mechanical parts make these the scanners of choice for reprographic service providers, scan bureaus and users who demand the highest performance in wide format scanning. They are also the ideal companion to high speed wide format plotters like OCE Plotwave, Xerox and HP Pagewide.  Combine it with the Batch Scan Wizard scanning software for the ultimate production production scanning experience.   (Click here for the Widetek 36-600 catalogue) (Click here for the Widetek 44-600 and Widtek 48-600 catalogue) ..
  • Widetek 36ART-600 Multi-Functional Overhead Scanner
    The Widetek 36ART-600 Overhead scanner is suitable for a wide range of scan applications and capable of high resolution scans up to 600dpi. - Fine Art on stretched canvas or framed….even with protective glass - Pictures/photos in frames without removing them from the frames - Fragile Maps / Brochures / Posters  - Large Books up to A0 size - Ceramic tiles / repro decor The standard Widetek 36ART-600 scans up to 914mm x 1524mm. With the optional table extension, it can scan up to 914mm x 2200mm. The special illumination algorithm enables the pick-up of 3D Textural Details and the intensity of the textural detail is fully adjustable.   (Click for Widetek 36ART-600 Brochure) (Click for Info Brochure) ..
  • Colortrac SC Series - CIS Technology Scanners
    The fast way to scan. Ideal for CAD/GIS applications. Colortrac SC Express Series Single Sensor Technology scanners brings CIS scanning technology to CCD qualities. The SC Express new internal architecture enable fast scanning speeds. Available in scan widths of 25", 36" and 42" and in different models. - 'b' base MFP series with speeds of 3ips in color and 13ips but no upgrade option - 'c' series with speeds of 3ips in color and 13ips in b/w (can upgrade to 'e') - 'e' series with speeds of 6ips in color and 13ips in b/w. The 'b' series is ideal for low voume scan requirements or to link to a plotter to create an MFP solution. Purchase a 'c' series and if you need faster scanning speeds, simply purchase the upgrade code to convert your 'c' scann..
  • Colortrac SG Series - CCD Technology Scanners
    The Colortrac SG is avalable in wide scanning widths of 36" and 44". You can purchase a 36" scanner today and field upgrade it to a 44" scanner as your work demands change. Included is the thick media functinality to scan firm objects eg. boards, mounted originals etc. up to 15mm thickness The CCD scanning technology yields the highest quality images over the widest range of originals and makes it the ideal scanner for high quality archiving work. Brochure Colortrac SG44-SG36.pdf ..