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Digitizing and converting books, newspaperps, journals and ephemera in professionally structured and searchable digital copies is a challenging matter.
docWorks is the first software that covers the whole conversion process - from the import of the scanned images to the export of meta data enriched files.
docWorks comes with a special Digitization Wizard that leads you through all steps, already starting during the installation of the software.
Available as a single pc client based docWorks Starter module for simple small scale digitization jobs. when the needs increase, you can expand it to server based solutions with decentralised workflows via the docWorks Basic or docWorks Professional or Enterprise modules.
Starter Basic Professional Enterprise
For small projects For ambitious small projects For ambitious midsize projects For ambitious large-scale projects
200,000 book pages or
50,000 newspaper pages per year
400,000 book pages or
100,000 newspaper pages per year
1 million book pages or
250,000 newspaper pages per year
5 million book pages or
1,25 million newspaper pages per year


Used by major libraries eg. National Library Board of Singapore, National Library of Vietnam.

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