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Bookeye5-V3 Series

The Next Generation of A3+ overhead book scanners avaialble as library/resource center Walk-up Scanners to full featured production scanner.

Available as 

  • Bookeye5-V3-Basic 
    A 400dpi model ideal for low volume digitization projects and Walk-up applications. 
    Can be upgraded to "Profesional 600dpi" for archive requirments

  • Bookeye5-V3-Kiosk
    A 400 dpi model with the "Scan2Pad" application for direct scanning to any smart device (mobile/tablets/pads). Ideal for Walk-Up applications
  • Bookeye5-V3-Professional
    The full featured 600dpi model with client interface for 3rd party software for efficient high volume scanning to meet highest quality standards.

The Bookeye 5 is avaialble with Multiple Monitor Support for optimal walk-up scanning convenience.


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